The XECURE Platform offers a fully government-certified Firewall and Virtual Private Network self-hosted (on-premise, private cloud) infrastructure, suitable for all highly sensitive GDPR proof internal and private communications.


Provides comprehensive roles and user management, giving users access to predefined sections where users can communicate securely and GDPR-proof with multi-tier administrator, organizer and user rights


A safe and secure GDPR video chat & messaging platform provides a safe and sensitive communication system that is optimally protected against eavesdropping by third parties and hacking attempts.

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Increased Meeting Security

Make sure that all participants are aware of the content of the meeting or consult and start time. This means that all participants have received an online invitation and are provided with the correct documents, training or consult information.

Secure Audio & Video Meetings

Our system has implemented robust and validated internal controls to prevent unauthorized access to content users share during meetings, including – but not limited to – the video, audio and chat content of those meetings.

GDPR Secure VPN for Enterprises

With XECURE VPN you are in control of all connections use within your organisation, even if your employees work in the office or travel abroad.

European Developed VPN Service

XECURE VPN protects your employees against possible Man-in-the-Middle attacks and for using your e-mail, visiting websites, logging into systems, back-end accesses, downloading files, sending information, etc.

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Multi-Factor Security

Our safe and Secure Video Conferencing Platform offers multi-factor authentication and multi-attribute authentication during registration, login and infrastructure use, ensuring multi-layered security and privacy thanks to our secure design as standard. Safety first.

Work From Home Security

Employees no longer want to be dependent on a permanent workplace.That is why the XECURE Secure Video & Audio Communication works on all devices within your organization; with XECURE this is safe, simple and economical.

Global Secure Collaboration

Safely participate in digital meetings, conferences, training, exercise and remote broadcasts. Support video rooms up to 32 video participants and interactive broadcasts up to hundred thousand viewers.

Secure Communication & Secure VPN

When you use the secure XECURE VPN, all your information exchange is always protected and encrypted, making it invisible to hackers or cyber spies.

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