On-Premise & Governmental Infrastructure

Our Secure Messenger Platform is a highly secure messenger and conference platform for government / defense purposes and executives, available as a self-hosted (on-premise, or private cloud) infrastructure, combining high-quality and business security.

Multi-factor Attributes Privacy Platform

With a Dutch headquarters and servers in the Netherlands, our Secure Messenger adheres to the strictest data protection laws and fully complies with GDPR. Since all communications are end-to-end encrypted  none of your shared data can be read by our system or by third parties.

Secure & GDPR-Proof Network

The purpose of our coding design is to provide maximum privacy while meeting the diverse needs of our users. The ultimate aim is to keep the data encrypted during as much of the transmission process as possible.

Multi-factor Attributes Privacy Platform

Our Platform offers a fully government-certified Firewall and Virtual Private Network self-hosted (on-premise, private cloud) infrastructure, suitable for all highly sensitive internal, GDPR sensitive and private communications.

Global GDPR-protection

Let employees, global directors, global managers and (external) advisers come into contact with each other safely at a truly secure messenger meeting and video conferencing platform. All thanks to the GDPR- and government-certified firewall and VPN connection.


The Hague Security Delta Campus
Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104
2595 AN, Den Haag


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